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Hi, my name is Linda Parkinson-Hardman and I’m the owner (or is it lessee?) of the healthy happy woman blog and I love to stop and natter over a cup of tea, so why don’t you join me? That’s it, settle down with your favourite afternoon tipple and let’s start a journey into empowerment.

I’m a transformational coach, women’s health advocate, writer, and I love working with people and technology. I’m passionate about empowering people to take control of their health, happiness, well-being and success and I love to know what makes people tick.

So go on, why not join me for a while and let’s share a part of each other’s life journey for a while.

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Recent posts

Hysteria 7 book cover competition

It’s taken a few months to get to this point, but finally Hysteria 7 has been published and is ready to be unleashed on the world. As is usual at this point in the competition I’m releasing the book cover…

I am, therefore I think

In 1637 René Descartes published his Discourse on the Method in French stating in Latin, Cogito, ergo sum which roughly translates as I think, therefore I am. And ever since I first came across the phrase whilst studying philosophy at…

What’s your ‘real’ issue?

It’s very easy to assume that the circumstance or problem I’m viewing today is the ‘real’ issue. I don’t know about you though, but I’ve noticed over time that similar issues keep cropping up in relationships, career or work, family,…

The collateral beauty of 2020

Last weekend I watched the film Collateral Beauty with my husband Steve, aside from being awed by the concept of the film and it’s core message it really got me thinking about what we’ve witnessed this past 10 months. The…

Finding your passion

In my experience, there are two types of passion. There is the passion that stems from ‘I must have this’ and the second begins with ‘I really don’t want that’. Many people will say that one (the former) is better…

Recent interviews

In conversation with Lex McKee

Lex McKee and I first met at various networking meetings taking place across Dorset back in early part of the 21st century and even though I dropped out of business networking for several years his posts on LinkedIn have always…

In conversation with Dave Sivers

In this week’s conversation, Dave Sivers and I are chatting about all things character, backstories and senses. Dave first joined me on the Thursday Throng back 2013 with his first book in the Archer and Baines series The Scars Beneath…

In conversation with Claire Montanaro

This week I’m in conversation with renowned spiritual teacher, clairvoyant and channel Claire Montanaro. Claire and I first met when I was her social media strategy coach. She later joined me on the Thursday Throng in 2014 with her book…

In conversation with Warren Stribling

This week I’m with Warren Stribling, airman, legionnaire, teacher and writer (oh and author) which is a very eclectic portfolio for any adult life. He now lives in Mexico with his wife, but has been known to teach English as…

In conversation with Elizabeth Milovidov

In this week’s conversation I’m chatting with Elizabeth Milovidov, a member of the Working Group of experts on Digital Citizenship Education and an independent expert on Digital Parenting and Children and Internet for the Children’s Rights Division of Council of Europe.