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In conversation with Marc Nash

This week, I’m in conversation with science fiction novelist Marc Nash. Marc has ten Kindle books published and three in paperback. He previously joined me in 2013 with his novel Time after Time.

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In conversation with Patsy Collins

This week, I’m in conversation with prolific short story writer Patsy Collins. Patsy has written over 700 short stories for UK magazines. On top of that she has written five novels, two non-fiction books...

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In conversation with Meaghan Delahunt

This week, I’m in conversation with award winning literary fiction author Meghan Delahunt. Meaghan and I first chatted about The Red Book, which back in 2011. She later joined me on the Thursday Throng...

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Life, the universe and medicine – part 4

I had my appointment with the breast team on the 19th July. After being told off by the surgeon for not having mammograms, I was then subjected to the examination itself which was excruciating...

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Meet Rory Z Fulcher, author of #Hypno Fasting

This week, I’d like to introduce Rory Z Fulcher to the Thursday Throng author interview sofa with his new book Hypno Fasting. Rory is a professional hypnotherapist and stage/street hypnotist, best-selling author and international...


In conversation with Andy Lopata

This week, I’m in conversation with Andy Lopata. I first came across Andy’s work back in 2008 when I joined a business networking group called The Brilliant BusinessXchange, lead by the lovely Laura McHarrie....