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The Strategy behind the Profile (and 70 slides later ….!)

Okay, so 70 slides later ….. yes really and the half hour presentation I gave to the Brilliant BusinessXchange is over …. phew I hear you say.  Well I enjoyed myself and I’ve been told on Facebook that at least one person found my littering the floor as I finished each sheet quite funny.

In reality there was no where else to put them because, although I’d prepared my working space as every good speaker should, I had forgotten to put an extra table to the side that I could put my notes on as I finished them .. oops! There weren’t really 70 slides of course – that would literally have been death by powerpoint; it’s just that I find this the easiest way to create resources I can add to slideshare later and to produce the notes I need for myself. This time, unusually I actually prepared them in minute detail, covering all the points and writing down all the words, which is absolutely unheard of for me as I normally do a lot of ad-libbing according to the mood of the audience I’m presenting too … Anyway, for those of you that might just be a teeny bit interested in understanding strategies and profiles, I’ve popped the whole presentation below – yes all 70 slides of it …. have fun!


Oh, and by the way, I also created a little profile audit document too, which you can also find below 🙂 And

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Linda Parkinson-Hardman

Transformational coach and founder of the Hysterectomy Association. Professionally I'm an information scientist who specialises in the adoption and engagement of digital technologies. I am a writer and author of nine books to date, and I've edited a further seven; phew what a lot for a Thursday afternoon :-)

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