Pain 15 weeks after a full hysterectomy due to fibroid – Jackie’s Story

I had a hysterectomy due to fibroid and swelling of the stomach. I am 51 years of age and I have already gone through the change 10 years ago.

I had my operation on the 5th September 2013 and was in hospital for 4 days with breathing problems from the operation. When I came home I had a swollen stomach which was full of blisters which was also on the front of my vagina which was also swollen. When I got home I was hallucinating and sweating the reason for this was because I had an infection. The infection was not on the bikini cut, it was further up and it made its own hole. Brown smelly liquid was pouring from the hole. I contacted my doctors and nurses came every day to dress the hole which was a drainage bag. After 4 days another hole appeared on the other side of my stomach so this lead me to have 2 drainage bags. After a few more days the holes repaired.

My stomach is still really swollen, I have gained 1 stone in weight in 3 months, I have a really bad pain on left side where I first had my infection, I don’t sleep well and my vagina is itchy. I used to be very very active riding a bike everywhere as I don’t drive and I have only just got back on my bike and which is very uncomfortable and I feel very unfit and struggling to breathe. The doctors have given me an inhaler to help my breathing. I keep going to the doctors complaining about the pain and they just tell me I will be alright.

I am just wondering if anyone is experiencing the same symptoms as me after 3 months of the operation?


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  1. Hi I’m now 21 weeks post vaginal hysterectomy . I too had a lot of pain it felt like a tampon wedged in at a bad angle every time I moved it felt sore . After several visits to the doctor I saw a practitioner nurse who thought I had thrush and because of no longer having a womb I had become dry! After treating me for thrush and inserting a hormonal pessery everyday for two weeks I am now completely pain free!
    Hope this may help you find a resolve to your pain
    God bless

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