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Manage the menopause naturally without HRT

According to a recent study, the menopause typically lasts more than seven years, so you’ll want to make the transition as comfortable as possible. Fortunately, the symptoms of the menopause can be alleviated by adopting a healthy diet, taking beneficial herbs, and making lifestyle changes. This article helps you identify some simple changes you can make almost immediately which will help you manage the menopause naturally.

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Balancing testosterone in women naturally

You may or may not be aware that the NHS have recently removed Testosterone implants from the NHS prescription lists. Whilst it may be possible to pay for a private prescription these are expensive and potentially unnecessary. Testosterone in women helps to regulate mood and libido and it’s production continues mostly unaffected by the menopause, unlike oestrogen and progesterone.  In addition to these benefits for women post menopause it also supports the immune system and assists the body in the production of muscle tissue as well as helping to boost your appetite.

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Concerns about Black Cohosh for menopausal symptoms – inconclusive

Black Cohosh is one of the most recommended ‘alternative’ products to treat menopausal symptoms. Recently, however, a number of concerns have been raised about its efficacy and safety after a number of women have suffered liver damage after taking the herb. However, researchers have been unable to verify other contributory factors to possible liver damage such as alcohol consumption and other medication they may be taking and the debate it still continuing.

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Soya Benefits

Soya is a food source rich in genistein and daidzein, two phytoestrogens.  They have a significant oestrogenic effect and are thought to help regulate hormonal imbalances in women.  It has also been claimed that they can help to prevent osteoporosis and recent research in Italy has suggested that taking daily supplements for a period of three months can halve the number of hot flushes suffered.

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Natural oestrogens

The menopause is not a disease or a state of oestrogen deficiency, it is an age appropriate and natural decline in oestrogen levels. For those of us who have a hysterectomy, it is often induced surgically and may therefore occur at an earlier age than might have been.

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Diet and the menopause

Your diet influences your experience of the menopause. To ensure you get the benefit, eat a variety of foods and increase your intake of plant foods. This increases the number of different phyto chemicals you ingest and decreases the likelihood that any one type will cause an imbalance.

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