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The Business Case for WordPress

I was sent an email earlier this week about an intensive weekend workshop I’m running with a colleague (Steve Graham) on installing, setting up, using and maintaining WordPress software.   The email said “Thanks for this. Seems a good thorough programme – certainly we’re interested, however we aren’t sure what the business benefits of wordpress are?“.

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Top 5 widgets

We all know that rocks.  Not only do those lovely guys over at Automattic provide us with a free blogging service, but they keep improving it too, adding in extra themes and functionality almost as soon as it is available.  However, one thing you can’t do at is use Plugins, they are reserved solely for those of us who are hosting wordpress ourselves.  In many ways this can limit the functionality of the blog, BUT….. and it’s a big BUT …. all is not lost.  By using the widgets provdided in ways that are slightly more intuitive then you can actually add all sorts of things you thought wasn’t possible.  So, here are my top 5 widgets in no particular order:-

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