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Hypno Fasting Book Cover

Meet Rory Z Fulcher, author of #Hypno Fasting

This week, I’d like to introduce Rory Z Fulcher to the Thursday Throng author interview sofa with his new book Hypno Fasting. Rory is a professional hypnotherapist and stage/street hypnotist, best-selling author and international hypnosis trainer. He’s also one of the HypnoBros, a founding director of HypnoTC: The Hypnotherapy Training Company, as well as a director for the online hypnosis training company

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The Prayer

The Prayer #FridayFiction

Old bones creaking and aching from the kneeling. Hands warped with the weave and weft of life don’t quite meet as they once did. And looking back the prayers and wishes she had made over many years had not yet come to pass. But still she turns up, every day, as the bell tolled and the doors opened. Making her way carefully to the back pew she slides along to the usual spot and kneels in supplication.

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Kathryn Colas

Meet Kathryn Colas, author of How to Survive Menopause Without Losing your Mind

This week, I’d like to introduce you to Kathryn Colas, author of How to survive menopause without losing your mind, a topic very close to my heart after running the Hysterectomy Association for 22 years. Kathryn is the founder and chief executive of the women’s advice and support service Simply Hormones, her aim is to empower women with better information and influence policy and practices to improve their daily lives.

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Reaching For The Stars Image

Reaching for the stars – #FridayFiction

Tom woke as a sliver of moonlight sliced through the open bedroom door. He watched Nan slip through, pulling her dressing gown tightly around her.

Closing his eyes he remained alert to the sounds she made as she made her way downstairs carefully, quietly.

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All my eBooks are now FREE to download

The next few weeks and months will be challenging for many as we battle globally with coronavirus. I know that some of those challenges will be financial and I don’t want anyone to lose out on vital information or even lighthearted reading just because they don’t have the means to pay for it. Therefore, from today I have made all my eBooks free of charge until the end of May 2020. You can find all my books in the bookstore here:

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One-small-step Image

One small step – #fridayfiction

Sandy looked at the flight of steps with trepidation! It looked long and it looked hard but she’d promised Jack she would make the effort. With a sigh she lifted her right leg and pulled herself up, her left gammy leg landing beside it. What was it Neil Armstrong said when he walked on the moon? One small step..!

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