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Is adoption right for you if you can’t have children?

If you are one of the relatively small number who need a hysterectomy before your fortieth birthday, but have never had a family and the dream of becoming a mother has not gone away, there are still options open to you. Pre-frozen eggs and surrogates are a miracle which will do work, but only for a tiny minority. However, adoption is an alternative possibility you might consider worth exploring. You can read more about the process of adopting a child on the family lives website.

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Depression after hysterectomy

Most women will have low days following a hysterectomy, but it’s wrong to assume it’s always going to be full blown depression of the type we tend to think about. Depression following surgery, any type of surgery and not just a hysterectomy, is very common indeed. There are a variety of things that can trigger it in women having a hysterectomy and they include a reaction to anaesthetic and pain killers, and the hormonal imbalance caused when the womb or ovaries are removed.

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Womb Wisdom for Hysterectomy – how to rediscover your womb after surgery

Anaiya Aon Prakasha, co-author of Womb Wisdom speaks to us directly about her experiences and discoveries of Womb Wisdom. After healing herself from cervical cancer back in 2009, she turned her attention to the myriad of ancient teachings that guides a woman towards her feminine essence by reconnecting to the sacred power of the womb.

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