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It’s the Agatha Christie Festival – perfect for all those murder mystery fans and authors

Last year I was fortunate enough to have lunch at the wonderful Burgh Island which Agatha Christie Fans will know as the place she wrote both “Evil Under the Sun” and “And Then There Were None”. It really is wonderfully atmospheric and my friend Mary and I had pretty much the entire place to ourselves for the day. The reason for sharing this though is that this is the week of the Agatha Christie Festival with takes place in and around Torquay in Devon.

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The Charmouth Literary Festival – Don’t You Wish You’d Been There?



Well, Saturday was quite a day and for a tiny village affair, the Charmouth Literary Festival for authors and writers, certainly attracted people from a diverse area and background. Many of our participants had travelled a fair distance to come along, having seen it promoted in our local Dorset Echo; others were from just around the corner in Charmouth itself. The feedback we had was brilliant and people certainly enjoyed the variety of sessions we had to offer.

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Charmouth Literary Festival and International Literacy Day

The 8th September is a very special day indeed, not only is it International Literacy Day, but it is also the day of the 3rd Charmouth Literary Festival. The festival is specially designed for writers rather than readers, although readers are more than welcome if they would like to come along. It is free event taking place in the Village Hall at Charmouth in Dorset between 9.30 and 4.30 on Saturday 8th September. This is not a BIG event, it’s a small and cosy event where everyone can have an opportunity to chat to everyone else, share ideas and even come away with a prize in our flash fiction competition (£1 entry fee online/free to enter at the festival).

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Roll up, Roll up and get yourself along to the Charmouth Literary Festival – 8th September

I’m very fortunate to live where I do; the South Coast of England is a beautiful area and my little spot also happens to be home to the Jurrasic Coast.  On the 8th September this year it will also be home to the 3rd Charmouth Literary Festival to take place in four years. This will a Literary Festival with a difference, it is being organised by authors for authors and writers, rather than for readers (although readers are very welcome to come along as well if they would like to).

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Visiting the London Book Fair – a must for all authors at least once in their lifetime

If you are an author and you have never visited the London Book Fair then you have, my friend, never lived at least that is my humble opinion on the matter. The huge, bustling event is proof, if ever any were needed that the thirst for opportunities to learn through some form of ‘book’ whether printed, spoken or e is huge and the market is getting bigger – you only have to look at the size of the event each year to realise that despite the doom and gloom of the nay-sayers that this is only going to grow even bigger too.

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Social Networking Courses Now Available

I often trawl around the web trying to find out how to use the many tools that I come across in a way that is relevant for both of my businesses.  However, like many, I am often frustrated by the time it takes to figure things out and then apply them – only to find that there might have been a better way to do things after all.

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Jonathan Jay Marketing Seminar

I’m right in the middle of a Jonathan Jay marketing seminar.  It’s late – I’m going to bed shortly but I really felt an urge to talk about some of what I’ve been experiencing thus far.

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