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One small step – #fridayfiction

Sandy looked at the flight of steps with trepidation! It looked long and it looked hard but she’d promised Jack she would make the effort. With a sigh she lifted her right leg and...

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Beeble’s bedtime biscuit

Beeble lay in her basket listening to the tick tock of the clock on the wall. Where were they? She snuggled down further tucking her tail under her legs and sighed.

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The Music Master – 3

Mr Smithson had prepared well, accompanying me intelligently and letting me make my own mistakes and decisions about emphasis and phrasing, something Miss Brough never did. She was forever on my case about how...

Friday Fictioneers – Bombers Moon 11

Friday Fictioneers – Bombers Moon

It’s that time of the week again – when I flex my fiction muscle. The usual rules apply, the photo copyright belongs to Madison Woods. If you’d like to find out more about what Friday Fictioneers...

Friday Fictioneers – Ten green bottles 12

Friday Fictioneers – Ten green bottles

It’s been just over a couple of years since I last participated in Friday Fictioneers with it’s challenge of the 100 word short story. It’s great to see Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields is still hosting the whole shebang. The...

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The Music Master – 2

Inevitably, as is the way with such characters, he soon created an adoring army of young girls that surrounded him at every opportunity.

The Amazing WordPress Store 7

The Amazing WordPress Store

Once upon a time there was a man who had a secret recipe that turned chicken into the best meal in the world. Despite his ability to make chicken taste so wonderful that people...

Flash Fiction – Missing 2

Flash Fiction – Missing

If you head to the woods you’d spot it immediately, there on the left hand side of the path that brushes past the briars. It’s only tiny, easily missed if you don’t know where...