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Friday Fictioneers – Shell Seeker

I didn’t manage to join in last week and I’m hoping that this week’s offering will make up for my absence from Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers community of writers. For those who are unfamiliar with this Friday activity, it is a challenge set by Madison to write a 100 word flash fiction story based on the photo prompt you’ll find below. My enjoyment comes from reading the enormous variety of interpretations that come along in both short story and poetry formats. I hope you enjoy my own effort and if you would like to take part there are more details at the bottom of the post about how you can do so.

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Tales of t’Internet – Lord Google Issues A Decree

The continuation of the Tales of the Kindgom of t’Internet, a slightly irreverent look at search engine optimisation.

As the Lord’s of the kingdom of t’Internet surveyed the wreckage that the land was become they were dismayed, and they decided to hold a gathering of the mighty and the noble to determine how to navigate the problem. Their desire was to once more turn the fortunes of the people who lived within the Kingdom towards a lighter future by increasing the gold they earned when visitors came upon their homes and businesses.

In the course of their discussion they realised that the problems had begun when they had allowed all manner of people to inhabit the land without understanding if they were beneficial to the land or if they simply sought to rape and pillage.

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Friday Fictioneers – Reality brought forth

On Tuesday I posted about how I felt about negative reviews on Amazon UK and amongst the many comments received was one from a friend of mine here in Dorset, Harvey Taylor (of who suggested, rather than abandon fiction altogether that perhaps we consider writing something together, starting with a short story. So, this week’s offering for Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers challenge is a collaborative effort between Harvey and I; I wonder if you can spot which line belongs to which person?

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Up until very recently I’ve only ever written factual, ‘how to’ and non-fiction works; then I discovered a completely different voice and found ‘FICTION‘. In fact I’ve now completed my first novel as well.

I also thought that I’d only ever write fiction if it were full length works; when I was introduced to something called Flash Fiction by the amazing Madison Woods I was hooked on the short, short story format and now take part in Friday Fictioneers as often as I can. Nowadays, Friday Fictioneers is curated by the lovely Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields.

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Friday Fictioneers – Too near the sun

This week's photograph for the weekly challenge set by Madison Woods called Friday Fictioneers is a beautiful picture provided by Doug McIlroy which looks very like the top of the world to me. ********************************************************* Whhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .......! The flight took him…

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