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Resistance is futile

I’ve been waking early over the last few weeks, a combination of being too hot in bed and a mind full of thoughts has kept me wakeful, excited I admit, but wakeful nevertheless. This morning it seemed the right thing to do to just get up instead of fretting and fussing and hoping I’ll go back to sleep.

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Life, the universe and medicine – part 4

I had my appointment with the breast team on the 19th July. After being told off by the surgeon for not having mammograms, I was then subjected to the examination itself which was excruciating on my right breast because of the lump. It had already reacted badly to the surgeon’s examination and was definitely not a happy puppy!

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London Mitrhaeum

Life the universe and medicine – part 3

By the 7th July I had completed a first week at Silversands, and it was quite surreal as it was full of welcoming, helpful, supportive and interested people – so unlike my experience of much of Dorset Council, which was often divisive and fractious. Of course, it helped that on Tuesday we got a contract I’d been involved with before joining so I now have a 100% success rate on day two …!

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Life, the universe and medicine – part 1

Like everyone, I assume I’ll live forever. Although I often wonder whether anyone would come to my funeral and who would wear black, it never actually occurrs to me that there is an endpoint. It’s almost as if I would come along too to watch proceedings running smoothly and along the lines I wanted.

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False gods and rainbows

The coronavirus pandemic that grips the world has caused a shift in many aspects of life that we’ve all just taken for granted. I’ve had to give up trips to my local coffee shop to meet friends, I can’t travel to Cheshire to see family and, as one of the lucky ones, I’m tied to a computer screen five days every week in online meeting after online meeting.

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All my eBooks are now FREE to download

The next few weeks and months will be challenging for many as we battle globally with coronavirus. I know that some of those challenges will be financial and I don’t want anyone to lose out on vital information or even lighthearted reading just because they don’t have the means to pay for it. Therefore, from today I have made all my eBooks free of charge until the end of May 2020. You can find all my books in the bookstore here:

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How to be happier

Most of us probably have an understanding of what the word ‘happy’ means and don’t believe we need a dictionary to tell us. After all, it’s something to do with well-being, being positive, joy and gratitude isn’t it? Or is it?

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What is coaching?

Coaching has been described in many ways: it helps people change in the way they wish, enabling them to move forward in a new direction it supports people at every stage of their life to become who they want to…

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