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Seeking Post-menopausal Females and Sterilised Females via Bilateral Oophorectomy

A new study is coming soon for Post-menopausal Females and Sterilised Females via Bilateral Oophorectomy. Please read the following information carefully. If you are potentially interested in the trial, please respond to this email or call the Covance Clinical Research Recruitment Team between 09.00am – 19.00pm on 0113 3945200 or on 0800 591570

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Taking part in Hysterectomy Research

There are very real reasons why taking part in hysterectomy research is vital and the biggest reason is because there is so little of it, by comparison to other types of surgery and condition; yet it is still one of the most commonly performed operations on women the world over. Lucine Women is running a new hysterectomy survey and the more information that is shared the better, you can find out all about it here and then follow the link to the survey itself too:

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Can you help us decide future information needs?

In the mid 1990's research suggested that women were not being given enough information to make informed choices about hysterectomy and hormone replacement therapy. Anecdotal evidence suggests that not much has changed in the interim. The Hysterectomy Association is re-doing their original research survey to see what, if any differences, there are 15 years on.
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