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Seeing through the illusion of illness

I realise the title of this post is likely to raise a few eyebrows at the very least, and perhaps it will even cause some to say ‘illness, an illusion? I think not!’ in some indignation so I’d ask you to hold off on a reaction while I put the statement into context.

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Miracle Image

Things I know to be true – We are all walking miracles

Back when I was child I genuinely believed that when my mother kissed my knee to make it better, she did actually do that. And as I grew older although that belief faded away in the light of the obvious ‘fact’ of the medical model, it never truly disappeared. Time and again I would reflect on what it meant to be healthy and when my own health challenges began in my mid-teens, some part of me always knew that my mother’s kiss held meaning.

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Life Universe Medicine Image

Life, the universe and medicine – part 1

Like everyone, I assume I’ll live forever. Although I often wonder whether anyone would come to my funeral and who would wear black, it never actually occurrs to me that there is an endpoint. It’s almost as if I would come along too to watch proceedings running smoothly and along the lines I wanted.

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Period Poverty

The hidden side of poverty

Poverty, alongside topics like coronavirus, Trump and climate change, is a pretty constant topic across the media these days. We endlessly debate the ethics of allowing children at home and abroad to go hungry or what society can do about homelessness or the highly visible need for food banks. But one area of poverty we rarely hear about and consequently regularly overlook is that of ‘period poverty’.

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Miracle Drink

Richa’s post surgery miracle drink

I was sent this recipe from Richa who says “I have had this drink throughout my recovery after having hysterectomy and It really has helped me so much especially with the initial constipation I had post surgery.”

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Older Man And Wife

Hysterectomy for men – Richard’s story

My wife (now 65) has had a number of minor medical problems, both mental and physical, especially after reaching 40, and when she started having panic attacks, for which no-one could provide a positive reason or cure, she finally resorted to drugs, such as sertraline, much against her natural inclination.

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Me and my fibroids – Linda’s story

My story started about five years ago at the age of 49. My periods were getting heavier and more frequent. I went to a gynaecologist and after having an ultrasound it was found that I had a 6 cm submucosal fibroid. I discussed options with the specialist and I decided at that time to wait and see what would happen and we would monitor things.

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