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Ritual for an operation

Few of us realise that the loss of an unseen internal organ can be one of lifes major traumas. It may require a grieving process that can last for months or even years. When I found that I needed a hysterectomy for recurrence of pre-cancerous cells, like many women I had strong feelings about losing my womb. I feared, irrationally, that it would diminish me as a woman and that sex would be different.

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Medicalising the Menopause

Over the past half-century, the social terrain of health and illness has been transformed. What were once considered normal human events and common human problems, such as birth, ageing and the menopause, are now considered medical conditions.

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What is this hysterectomy thing?

You may well know by now that I am passionately interested in women's health, and more specifically about hysterectomy and it's impact on women's lives. I have written a couple of books on hysterectomy and if you are desperate to…

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