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HRT and gallstones 2

HRT and gallstones

Gallstones (Cholecystitis) is a disease where stones become lodged in the gallbladder ducts. This can cause infection and inflammation with a great deal of pain. Around 75-80% of gallstones are known to ‘cholesterol stones’,...

Tibolone 0


Tibolone is a synthetic steroid used as a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) which mimics the activity of oestrogen and progesterone in the female body.

Women and HRT 0

Women and HRT

A meta study of data from more than 3000 women who were prescribed HRT between 1989 and 1997 has found that women do not want to take HRT on a long term basis.

Increase in likelihood of Stroke 0

Increase in likelihood of Stroke

The US Nurses Study has shown that women using oestrogen replacement therapy at a dose of 0.625mg per day actually may increase the likelihood of stroke by 1.35 times the likelihood of non-users.

HRT and heart disease 0

HRT and heart disease

A Swedish study which followed 1200 women for over 30 years has found that those who went on to use HRT already had a lower risk of heart disease than those that did not.

HRT and Alzheimers 0

HRT and Alzheimers

A new trial has indicated that hormone replacement therapy supplements do not improve cognitive function in women with Alzheimers Disease.