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Is HRT really good for you?

Swedish researchers involved in a long term study of 1201 women have suggested that the apparent benefits to the heart of HRT could be explained by the better health enjoyed by women who choose to take it.

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HRT Trial Stopped

A major trial of HRT was stopped because researchers found that the combination HRT that was being used by most of the women was found to increase the risk of breast cancer (26%), heart attack (29%) and stoke (41%).
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HRT and life improvement

Researchers have suggested that those women who suffered from menopausal symptoms there was an increase in quality of life when taking HRT. Those that did not have menopausal symptoms showed no quality of life improvements when taking HRT.
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Nutrient losses from HRT

Oestrogen Replacement Therapy (HRT) has an adverse effect on Vitamin B levels. Perhaps all women taking HRT should consider supplementing with Vitamin B to counteract this problem. (Journal of American Coll. Nutrition; 1993; 12; pp 442-58)

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Menoring is vaginal ring which contains 50ug of estradiol every 24 hours which is absorbed from the vagina into the blood stream to give similar blood oestrogen levels as those obtained using a patch.
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HRT – flawed studies are causing mayhem

According to the International Menopause Society, the two biggest studies into the effects of HRT that took place in 2002 and 2003 were deeply flawed and had caused a massive knee jerk reaction which has lead to millions of women abandoning HRT and to thousands of doctors refusing to prescribe it.

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