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5 healing vitamins and minerals post hysterectomy

We all know that diet and nutrition play an important role in our ongoing health and well-being; after all we’ve seen the reports about salt, fat, sugar and all the other nasties over the year’s.  What’s worrying though is when what we thought was bad turns out to be good (in moderation) and vice versa. Those foods we’ve been avoiding all these years, because they were the worst thing we could eat, are in fact an essential part of a health diet. 

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Make your own hysterectomy recovery cushion

A cushion is one of the best things anyone recovering from abdominal surgery, such as a hysterectomy, can have. It prevents chaffing when you pop it between you and the seat belt in the car. And when you need to sneeze, cough or laugh it’s great for providing just a bit of extra support. Imagine how much better it would combined with a hot or cold pack you can slot in to provide comforting warmth or soothing cold.

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Simple Pre and Post Hysterectomy Recovery Hints & Tips

We get many emails from women sharing various hysterectomy recovery hints and tips that have worked for them over the years. I thought it would be helpful to begin a brand new series of posts that contain very simple pre and post hysterectomy recovery hints and tips. The sorts of information you’ll find here will be the little things you can do quickly, easily and either free or at low cost as we all know that taking time off work can cause some financial discomfort.

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29 Quick Remedies for Relieving Constipation After Hysterectomy

Towards the end of November last year I asked our Facebook ladies if they could share what they had used for relieving constipation after hysterectomy and I’d like to share there various answers here with you. This is not an exhaustive list, and it doesn’t mean that everything suggested here will work for everyone, but with a bit of trial and effort you should find a solution if you are having this problem. They are not in any particular order – just as I picked them up off Facebook.

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Hysterectomy Granulation and Post Op Bleeding

Hysterectomy granulation (also known as vaginal vault granulation) is the growth of scar tissue at the top of the vagina when the cervix has been removed. It isn’t common, dangerous or serious but it can cause discomfort, pain and some post operative bleeding. If you were to see it, it might look like raw tissue and it might have raised nodules as well. A study in 1998 found that 34% of the women followed suffered granulation after a total abdominal hysterectomy.


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Caring for Your Pelvic Floor after a Hysterectomy

While it is true that women undergo a hysterectomy for a variety of reasons, including severe cases of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) also known as genitourinary prolapse—it is also true that having a hysterectomy can contribute to the development of prolapse. More than 10 percent of women who have a hysterectomy experience varying degrees of prolapse symptoms.

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Sexual health after a hysterectomy

One of the biggest causes of concern for women undergoing a hysterectomy is how the procedure will affect their sex lives. Though there is a great deal of information relating to this topic to be found online, much of it is based on the personal experience of individuals, and as such can seem contradictory and confused. Not knowing what to expect after a hysterectomy, particularly in terms of sexual health, can add to the anxiety that naturally accompanies a surgical procedure.

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Hysterectomy Research – interim findings

Over the last few years we’ve been conducting some semi-formal research into two major areas of Hysterectomy.  The experience that women have post-hysterectomy in their recovery and the information needs of hysterectomy patients.  These two pieces of research have yielded some very interesting results and I thought I’d share a few small snippets with you here:

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