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Types of Anaesthetic

There are a number of different types of anaesthetic and most hysterectomies are performed while the patient is under a full anaesthetic. This will knock you out throughout the operation and you will eventually come round in the recovery room. However, this type of anaesthetic can have side effects which may include nausea and dizziness, an incredible tiredness for several days, not being able to think clearly for at least 24 hours after your surgery.  It can also take several months for the anaesthetic to work its way out of your body completely (drinking plenty of water and taking enough exercise can help this enormously). 

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Is it any wonder women are confused about ovary conservation at hysterectomy?

I’ve just read a research report that suggests that all women should consider having their ovaries removed when they have a hysterectomy because “women who had their ovaries taken out had lower rates of ovarian cancer and were not more likely to get heart disease or a hip fracture – which had been a worry in this group because of the quick drop in hormones that happens once the ovaries are gone.” The self same report goes on to do a comparison with an earlier piece of research which “found that women who had their ovaries removed were more likely to be diagnosed with heart disease and die than women who didn’t.”

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