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Is Sunscreen to blame for Endometriosis?

Researchers have recently reported that small amounts of a chemical family called benzophenone (BP), which are used in many personal care products and sunscreen products, to help protect the skin and hair from ultraviolet (UV) rays, may be contributing towards the development of endometriosis.

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Hysterectomy Breaks Down Another Barrier as it Hits the London Stage

On August 20th 2012 yet another landmark event will take place as the subject of Hysterectomy breaks down am major barrier when it hit’s the London stage for the first time. One in Five is a verbatim theatre piece directed by Jessica Blaxland Ashby that highlights the impact and effects of a hysterectomy on a woman by exploring their stories of loss, change, desire, relationships and changing identity through movement.

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The NICE 2012 conference and understanding more about the role of ‘evidence’ in clinical practice

For two days this week I was up in Birmingham as an attendee at the NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) conference. I came away on Wednesday full to bursting point with information and felt a bit like an overloaded sponge which had taken on too much water and could no longer take anything else in.

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How many women will it take to change the world?

This might seem like a strange question to ask on a website about hysterectomy but, in fact, it’s highly appropriate. When I founded the Hysterectomy Association over 15 years ago the biggest complaint that most women had about their experience was the lack of information to help them make an ‘informed choice’ about their health and their bodies.

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Founder of Hysterectomy Association Recognised as a Woman of Achievement 2011

Linda Parkinson-Hardman, founder of the Hysterectomy Association and Director of Internet Mentor Limited, has been selected as one of the UK’s Woman of Achievement and invited to the annual Women of the Year lunch on Monday 17th October at The InterContinental, London. This event is not only a networking opportunity of the most extraordinary women, but also a celebration of the changes these women have made to improve lives. Founded in 1955, this lunch provides yearly commemoration to a selection of the most inspirational women, and has in the past presented awards to the likes of Annie Lennox (2010), Sara Payne (2008), and Tina Turner (2005).

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What is the Omentum?

The Omentum is a layer of fat that is covered by the peritoneum.  It is in two parts, the greater omentum and the less omentum. The greater omentum is attached to the bottom edge of the stomach, and hangs down in front of the intestines. Its other edge is attached to the transverse colon. The lesser omentum is attached to the top edge of the stomach, and extends to the undersurface of the liver.

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Hyalofemme Vaginal Dryness Moisturiser Gel Now Available on Prescription

Hyalofemme Vaginal Dryness Moisturiser Gel is a hormone free vaginal moisturiser which provides rapid and effective relief from the symptoms of itching, burning, inflammation and odour.

It’s pleasant to use and avoids the clumping and messy feeling seen with some other products. The good news is that from the 1st of July it became available for prescription by the NHS. 

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A Diva’s Guide to the Menopause

About four years ago I sat down to write my first novel – I had the perfect title, ‘A Diva’s Guide to the Menopause’.  I completed the first chapter very quickly – in fact you could say it was almost too quick because I assumed that the rest of the novel would come as quickly. It didn’t.

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