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The information needs of hysterectomy patients

The Patients Charter enshrines the right to receive information about any health conditions and medical procedures that are proposed.  This should include information on any risks associated with the treatment and any alternatives available.  It also requires that healthcare professionals ensure that it is all clearly explained before the treatment takes place.

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Your Stories, Your Experience

The Hysterectomy Association are launching a request for your stories about hysterectomy – from the beginning to the end, pre-operation to post-recovery, funny and not so funny events and the distressing emotional aspects as well as the empowering ones as well. Did anyone say anything you weren’t expecting, do something you appreciated or help you in ways you weren’t expecting?

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Choose and book on the NHS

From January 2006 all patients in the UK have been able to use the new Choose and Book service for all elective care. Choose and Book is a national service that will, for the first time, combine electronic booking and a choice of time, date and place for first outpatient appointment. It is available to all patients in England requiring elective care (over 10 million each year).

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More on HRT

According to researchers who studied the effects of HRT on 5,692 women, HRT really is as bad as the most recent research has been suggesting – but it seems that it is worse for older women.

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