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Marketing for Creatives – Presentation 27th January 2016

OK, the presentation is a bit tongue in cheek, but it’s true these are the things you SHOULDN’T be doing if you want your creative business to succeed. Below, you’ll find an introduction into how you can change the way you think about marketing and, instead of trying to do everything, doing one thing that works.

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Match + Ranking = understanding Amazon for Authors

Amazon is not just the world’s largest online store, it is also one of the world’s largest search engines too. But, rather than offering up a list of websites to visit as Google or Bing might do, it serves you a helping of the products it happens to be selling.  The key to an author understanding how Amazon works is to accept that what we’re working with is a complex mathematical algorithm which determines which, of the millions of choices available, are going to be seen by the average user.

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Join me for a 3 day tutored book marketing writing retreat

As an indie author I know how difficult it can be to get your books into the hands of a mainstream audience. Over the years I have tried many different tools and techniques, with varying degrees of success. Today, I’m pleased to be earning a good second income from my books – they’re unlikely to make me super rich, but it’s enough to fund things in life I couldn’t afford any other way.

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Creating the perfect author business card

Many years spent running my own business and attending hundreds of networking events over the years have taught me the importance of having a great business card. However, many authors and writers don’t tend to think of themselves as ‘being in business’ and as a result often neglect one of the essentials in a marketing toolkit.

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Promoting a free Amazon Kindle book? List it with these sites

Kindle eReader (image courtesy of NotFromUtrecht (Wikipedia)[/caption]

Promoting a free Amazon Kindle book is not a simple task especially with the increasing mass of books that can now be found for the Amazon Kindle. Therefore getting a book to the right reader’s attention is hugely important but it can be time consuming. However, all is not lost and there are many helpful people and sites out that provide both free and paid services to authors who have a free Amazon Kindle book to promote.

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Why creating a book trailer doesn’t need to be difficult

We’ve all seen movie trailers and now we are starting to see the rise of the book trailer too. Just go onto YouTube and search for book trailer, you’ll end up with over 2 million search results. I don’t know about you but the thought of creating book trailers just feels a bit daunting to me, I hate being videod at the best of times and can’t bear listening to recordings of myself either. I have avoided them like the plague. However, eventually I decided that I needed to give in and have a go at creating my own. The book I chose to do one for is LinkedIn Made Easy: Business social networking simplified. It’s got a brand new third edition out this year and the time seemed right.

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About the Author – why it matters in your latest book

If you’re like me then you probably have a whole load of different books on the go. I’ve a pile that consists of the review copies for my Thursday Thronger’s, business books, social media analysis and fiction in a variety of genres. With just a couple of exceptions, I rarely follow specific major authors. If they don’t have an About the Author page then I might miss out on reading other things they have written, if I enjoyed the book I picked up. With one, there is every chance I might just go and get something else from them too.

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