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On being an Amazon Best Seller – the reality behind the hype

Update: 15/04/12 Following a conversation with a friend, I updated this post because he had read it quite negatively and actually the story isn’t negative. When I became brave enough to actually see how many books there were in each category I was being listed as a best-seller. At the end of each listing you can find the numbers of books in each category that I’m listed as a Best Seller in and some of them are quite impressive; I mean #53 out of almost 10,000 is pretty good by anybody’s standard. So I think I’ll give myself a pat on the back.

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Where are my readers? And other infrequently answered questions for Authors.

Last week I introduced you to the concept of creating a marketing plan for your book with the post  … and on the subject of a Marketing Plan for Authors! You will need to read it before we carry on as it introduces you to six important helpers in your arsenal to get your book into the right hands.

This week I’d like to consider the question that many authors have but usually don’t ask and almost certainly never get answered, and that’s finding the elusive place that your potential readers hang out in.

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How many books could a new author actually sell?

Way back in 2007 I ran a workshop on behalf of a local organisation called Creative Dorset for authors and those who were hoping to publish a book. During the course of the mornings proceedings I shared a slide in the presentation that I had put together from the data Nielsen had released about the numbers of books that sold in 2004. I have tried to find any updated information from Nielsen but it seems they have yet to repeat the process but I suspect, after more delving around, that the figures may look even worse than they do below.

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How to get your book ready for marketing

So, you’ve finished ‘the book’ and you are now ready to move on to the next stage that is generally called marketing. You may have published your book yourself or you may have a contract with a publisher, either way the vast majority of the work now lies before you rather than behind you – sorry if I’ve burst any bubbles with that little statement, but that’s the reality of an authors life.

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Six ‘must have’s’ for an author’s website

I’ve been doing some trawling round the web recently, looking especially at Authors websites and during the course of my travelling I’ve noticed that there is not much consistency about the way that they operate/function. Given that in my other life I have my own web development company and work as a social media strategist for said business and it’s clients I thought I’d just put together a list of the things I think every authors website must have.

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And on the subject of a Marketing Plan for your book ….

Yesterday, I began to talk about Book Marketing 101 which in many ways is no different from any other sort of marketing; you know the sort of thing, what can I do to get my book/product/service/dog noticed by the right people at the right time who are likely to take the action I want them to take such as buy book/buy product or service/take dog off hands etc….

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The good, the bad and the downright ugly of marketing books

It would be fair to say that for most authors and writers the act of writing books (and other things) is the part of their job that they are keen to be doing. I know that this is the case because I’ve talked to a lot of authors in my time, I am one myself, and without doubt the thing they all complain about the most is the amount of work it takes to get their book (or books) to be seen in front of the right audience at the right time. This is the case for ALL authors whether they are published traditionally (in the ideal world this would consist of a publisher who loves your book, gives you an obscene amount of money and then pays you a handsome royalty for every single copy you sell so that you can swan off and lie on a beach contemplating the next blockbuster) or whether you are like the vast majority these days, self published.

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Selling Online WITHOUT A Website

Up until now, you have done a lot of planning and preparation. You have thought about the products or services you would like to offer, you have considered how the new business will fit into your life and you have also done a brief analysis of your business costs to enable you to determine your selling price. April then, is the month you are going to start to put it all into practice.

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