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Hot Flush

5 ways to help overcome those annoying hot flushes

Your face might turn red, looking flushed. Then, you start to sweat. Others may experience a rapid increase in heart rate, or start to feel as if they are about to catch a slight fever. As uncomfortable as it is, the hot flush is almost inevitable during menopause and perimenopause, which is why we teamed up with health writer Sandy Getzky, who shares five simple things that might help you deal with those annoying hot flushes.

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Sex after the menopause

The menopause is a part of a woman’s life. Although most women don’t have to face this transitional period until their 40’s and 50’s, women who have a hysterectomy can expect to experience early menopause, with symptoms more severe than normal. During this time your ovaries will shut down, and you will no longer be able to conceive. Whether you are experiencing the menopause naturally or as a result of having a hysterectomy, one thing is for sure – this doesn’t have to mean the end of your sex life.

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Painful sex (dyspareunia) after surgical menopause

A surgical menopause is one caused when a woman has her ovaries removed. It can also refer to a menopause triggered following a hysterectomy that has left her ovaries in place.

There are many menopausal symptoms and some, like the hot flush, are often easier to deal with than others. Perhaps the hardest ones to overcome though are those that affect our sexual well-being and these include things like vaginal dryness or loss of libido. In this article we’re going to explore issues around painful sex because for some women libido diminishes because they start to find sex painful, so dealing with that can often sort things out in the desire department.

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The truth about surgical menopause

Over 142 women had at least one ovary removed every single day between 2013 and 2014 in England and Wales. In Wales, the average age for women undergoing this procedure was 47. In England over 17,000 women had both ovaries removed and 15,000 had just one taken away before they were 55.

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How sleep can get you through the menopause

For whatever reason you may have for deciding to have an elective hysterectomy, it’s important that you consider all of the effects of an operation which will inevitably change your life. Should you need a hysterectomy at a younger age, one of the effects is the early onset of menopause, which can be both a difficult but also enlightening time in a woman’s life in which her body experiences many changes.

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Controlling the Menopause at Christmas

Controlling the menopause at Christmas is something that all women of a certain age may need to consider. Diet can play a large part in how menopausal women cope with the changes the body goes through during this time. Good nutrition can help reduce certain health conditions that may develop as a result of the menopause, such as osteoporosis and heart disease. With the festive season upon us once again, implementing these dietary changes may seem unrealistic. The good news is that with careful planning and monitoring, it is still possible to enjoy many foods during the Christmas period to enjoy a healthier and happier menopause.

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Menopause and weight gain

Many women approaching the menopause will experience a number of symptoms, including vaginal dryness, hot flushes and a lack of sex drive. However another symptom that may arise as a result of the menopause is weight gain. Most commonly occurring around the hips and abdomen, this menopausal symptom for the majority of women is considered to be the least desirable.

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According to Swedish researchers – early menopause linked to fracture risk

Researchers in Sweden have reported that undergoing the menopause before the age of 47 can result in an increased risk of both mortality and fractures at the age of 77. They followed 390 women who had their bone mineral density measured at the age of 48 and again at 77. The team also collected data on mortality rates and the number of fractures until the women reached the age of 82.

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