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Data Privacy Month Quiz

Are you good with privacy?

I was sent a quick quiz by to celebrate data privacy month. Unfortunately the month has passed, but it’s still a relevant thing for us all to have a look at.

Just read the questions on the image below and score yourself according to the answers you give – you check how well you do at the end.

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Business Basics

By now, it may be fairly evident that I run two businesses.  The first is The Hysterectomy Association and the second is called Grow A Better Business.  The former is of course obvious I guess, but the latter is less so.  In fact it is an Internet Consultancy business that specialises in enabling businesses to make the very best use they can of the Internet in all it’s glorious guises. 

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Let’s get a website!

Many small businesses fall into one of three camps when it comes to their own online piece of real estate; they have either had a son, sister or friend build a site as a favour; they might have bought something like Front Page and tried to do it themselves or they have paid a web design company to do it for them – and then continue paying every time they want to update something.

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Getting Started

There are only two ways you can make money, whether on the Internet or in the real world. The first is to sell something that someone else has produced, whether product or service; the second is to make it yourself or offer your own unique services. Either way, you need to be certain that the price you’re charging is realistic, both in terms of persuading customers to part with their cash and giving you a profit.

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Email Marketing

There are only three ways you can increase your income – whether you are online or offline; you can either increase the number of visitors through the metaphorical door, you can increase your prices or you can increase the number of times that the customers you already have buy from you.

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VAT is, one of the most common taxes and is a tax on consumer expenditure. It is also collected on business transactions, imports and acquisitions and unless you are VAT registered yourself you cannot avoid paying this additional tax. There…

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