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Inspiring an Author .. what you need to know to get you through

Sometime we just need to hear from others who have been where we are now, we need to hear what they have to say and the video below is the perfect fit with my Thursday Throng interviews, because almost every author that takes part who answers the question about advice, says that a writer needs to WRITE – it’s what we do, so get on and do it.

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How to Write a Book – a Brilliant Presentation from Likeonomics

When I was musing on how to condense everything I know about the writing and publishing and marketing process into just a single blog post I had a eureka moment; ‘why not see if there is a presentation that explains it reasonably succinctly and easily so that anyone watching will understand and take away something useful they can work with’. And I found it on my favourite presentation network Slideshare. The blurb about the presentation says “An exclusive look at the making of the highly anticipated new book Likeonomics – including lots of practical real world advice on how to sell, research and write your own book.” It’s brilliant and very informative too and I hope you enjoy it.

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How to Write a Travel Guide

There are many types of travel writing. There are the Berlitz style of travel guide which you pick up in the Airport when you’ve realise you don’t even know how to say ‘hello‘ to the locals in the country that is destined to share your holiday. These guides cover the bare bones of the tourist traps that are the ‘must see‘ of this particular destination; they almost always contain a section on ‘practical information‘ which tell you how to say ‘Sir, I have lost my hat‘ in 16 different dialects. They’re excellent at helping you to orient yourself in a new culture, but let’s face it they can be a bit, well, dull

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Beautiful Blogger Award

beautiful blogger awardI’ve just received my very first blogging award and I am very chuffed about it too. It’s been awarded to me by the lovely Karen Payze of Drawing Room Days and it’s really made my day. I feel all warm and fuzzy and I fancy a little glass of champagne to celebrate .. or perhaps I’ll settle for a cup of peppermint tea instead.

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