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Adding value to your readers

Depending on your market sector, adding value to your online offering can reap huge rewards.  This includes adding links to other sites and areas on the Internet that can help you customer achieve their own goals.    When this is used correctly, and even when you link to competitors, you begin to gain credibility as a niche source of highly relevant information and become some where that your user community might come to first.  This is useful for at least two major reasons:

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Seminar Sonnet

One of the attendees at the seminar on online publishing very kindly wrote a sonnet for me during the day and I present it here for you now. Thanks, Chris! Amaz’n Linda I sit again in Linda’s seminar On how…

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I don’t know how many of you are aware of the many ways in which you can market a website, but if you are using a blog as I am then one of the more popular is a service called…

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The First One

A couple of years ago a few friends and myself were busy wasting a sunny summer afternoon drinking coffee and chatting. The question we were discussing was how you might go about persuading 100,000 people to part with just £1…

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