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In conversation with Patsy Collins

This week, I’m in conversation with prolific short story writer Patsy Collins. Patsy has written over 700 short stories for UK magazines. On top of that she has written five novels, two non-fiction books for writers and published 18 collections of her short fiction.

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In conversation with Andy Lopata

This week, I’m in conversation with Andy Lopata. I first came across Andy’s work back in 2008 when I joined a business networking group called The Brilliant BusinessXchange, lead by the lovely Laura McHarrie. She gave all new members a copy of Andy’s book, ‘and death comes third‘ to introduce them to two basic skills needed to succeed in the group – public speaking and networking.

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Healthy Happy Writer Show Image

Introducing the Healthy Happy Writer Show

Over the years I’ve done many interviews with writers and authors on the Thursday Throng, Over 262 if you want to be exact about it. And they’ve been great, they still are great, but … they are fairly static and whilst the aim of the questions is always to encourage writers to share something of what makes them tick, I’ve always thought it would be nice to share something more dynamic, like a podcast or vlog.

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