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Google webmaster tools for authors

Maybe you’ve heard about Google Analytics, Google Adwords or even Google Adsense, it’s companion programme. But few people I’ve come across, authors included, have heard of Google Webmaster Tools and yet, it’s brilliant little service you can enable even with You can also do the same with Bing Webmaster Center.

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Personal branding, social intelligence and self presentation – oh my!

There is an inextricable link between social intelligence, self presentation and personal branding and the astute business or entrepreneur will recognise the value of what is often termed their ‘human capital’ (a horrible term in my opinion and almost as bad as human resources … too production line like for me). If a business can persuade their staff to work on their behalf by utilising their expertise and skill in arenas that are outside of the normal business operations then they can build a strong brand identity.

The presentation below gives some great ideas about how business brands and personal brands (aka self presentation) can work in harmony together to achieve mutually acceptable goals.

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Self Presentation in social intelligence

Self presentation is another of the skills that underpins social intelligence.  It is made up of a variety of factors that include such things as charisma, assertiveness, self confidence and self control.  However, as Daniel Goleman points out self presentation without the necessary substance to back it up is no substitute for skills and expertise.  In other words, you have to walk the walk as well as talk the talk …..!

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What is synchrony?

Synchrony is a wonderful word that has a melodic tone to it, it even sounds rich on the tongue when you say it.  Yet, it’s a word (and a concept) that most of us are unfamiliar with. In simple terms synchrony is just another word for ‘coordination’, but as with everything to do with business and mentoring, it has a much richer meaning too.

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Facebook for Entrepreneurs – Five Top Tips

It would be difficult to imagine anyone who hasn’t heard of Facebook these days. It is one of the worlds top social networking sites, regularly trouncing even the mighty Google in the rankings. And yet, most people still think of it as something for the younger generation, where they talk about their latest adventures and mis-adventures with their friends. It is true that the vast majority of people use it purely to keep in contact with the people that they know, and yet, there is an vast untapped reserve of opportunity awaiting those who decide to take it one step further.

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Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn Profile is the key to making this business oriented network work for you effectively. With a properly constructed profile you will reinforce the message you are sharing across other parts of the network, ensuring that you are perceived as you wish to be by the audience you hope to work with.

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Social Media Marketing

The world is a’changin as the song goes; and this is even more in evidence when we consider the massive alterations that access to the Internet has given us in terms of connecting information and people together. In to this world we have added richness in the form of social media. It can sometimes feel that we’ve been catapulted into a world where we can literally talk to anyone anywhere at any time – and what’s more, we don’t even need to know them first. The rules of the game, it seems, have changed.

Or have they?

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