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Business confusion over Internet Marketing

The face of business is changing constantly; greater numbers of businesses are heading onto the web as a source of both clients and business. But all too often I’m told that they are frustrated by the technology and the choice of what to do and how to do it. What often follows is a torrent of frustration, the quick and dirty version is often something like this:

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Twitter Business Directories

Did you know that there were Twitter business directories?   If not, then this is the place to find out about just a few of them.  For any business using Twitter to promote themselves, it is important that potential customers can find those ‘tweets’ when they want them.

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Why Social Networking Works For Business

There has been an explosion of Social Networking sites in recent years and suddenly we are all being asked to be someone’s ‘friend’, whether we know them or not.   The biggest issue that most businesses I come across have with these services though, is the time.  The time taken by employees who are viewing the sites, the time to find out how they work and then the time it takes to establish them as appropriate communication methodologies for a marketing campaign or strategy. Quite often what happens though, is that most businesses give up before the seeds they have sown have had a chance to shoot. 

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Benefits of Internet Marketing

I’m often asked why a business should bother with Internet Marketing and it’s actually a very difficult question to answer, because it really depends on where a business is starting from, what they are hoping for and how it fits into their overall strategy.  However, there are often some common themes and I thought I’d just list a few of them here to get us going – with the plan being to expand on these in the coming weeks.

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Search Engine Optimisation – Part One – Onsite tools and techniques

Let’s face it, getting a good result on a search engine when someone is looking for the products or services you offer is key to success online, therefore improving your website’s ranking is paramount. However, SEO (search engine optimisation) is often cited by web marketeers as something of a black art that only those ‘in the know’ are able to do correctly and therefore out the scope of the ordinary business person.

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