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LinkedIn Marketing

You’ll find below my attempt to gather everything together in one place that I’ve ever written about LinkedIn and you are welcome to use it for marketing yourself, your books and other products and services. The most recent posts are at the top, the oldest at the bottom and I guess it could be kind of fun to see how both I, and it, have changed over the years. Some of the posts are here on my blog, others are on other sites I’ve written for; but they are all about LinkedIn.

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Facebook Marketing

I’m slowly bringing order to this blog and below you’ll find a set of links to all the articles I have written over the years about Facebook, the things I use it for and suggestions about how you could use it for marketing your book or other products and services. I’ll add to this particular page whenever I write something new – ensuring that all the links to Facebook are kept together.

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Twitter Marketing

And now it’s Twitter’s turn. I’ve picked up all the posts I’ve ever written about Twitter and added them for you in a nice easy list – just pick the one that takes your fancy and give it a spin. You never know what you’ll get it, it could be a gem or a dud. It’s a bit of social media roulette really!

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The Anatomy of a Crowd Funded Project

Over the last few weeks I’ve been in the throes of undertaking my first crowd-funded project on the Kickstarter platform. I have learnt a lot along the way, including much about myself. I’m also aware that a few of my contacts are similarly thinking of using the same mechanism to fund a project too, therefore I thought that a post about how crowd-funding worked in practice might be a useful addition to the blog.

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Social Media Gratitude and Thanks

I’ve recently completed crowd-funding project on Kickstarter and I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of two very special groups of people. The first of those groups are the  people who generously backed the project so that it met it’s target; the second are those who helped by promoting the project on their social media accounts. Below I’ve listed all those I know about:

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Social Media: Age vs Experience, does it really matter?

There is great debate that takes place among those who work online and its premise is that the younger you are, the better you ‘get’ social media. I’d like to consider and challenge some of the basic assumptions that this attitude creates.

On the 20th July 2012 a young student called Catherine Sloane published a blog post entitled ‘Why Every Social Media Manager Should be Under 25’. The post achieved notoriety among many different demographics and across a variety of sectors. I really don’t feel a need to link to it as it was designed to be great link bait, that is its sole purpose was to get people linking and sharing a piece of content in a viral nature, with the result that the website hosting it gets a better result on the search engines. What is perhaps more interesting is that searching for that specific title doesn’t bring up the article itself, but rather a whole host of articles about it.

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The Demise of the LinkedIn Application and the Rise of Rich Media Content Instead

Since the summer, the way that LinkedIn has been ‘doing’ profiles has changed significantly; firstly we had the introduction of Skills, and then of endorsements; we’ve had the option to add extra sections to our profiles for a while now, including publications, courses, qualifications etc … However, the biggest change has been in the demise of the LinkedIn Application, which happened just last month.

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