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All Change: Review of my year and going forward into 2013

I’m not normally one for life reviews and goal setting and, as I’ve got older, this has become an even more pronounced trait. It seems that I tend to drift with the wind, being led by my ideas but rarely paying attention to my intuition; I’ve come to realise that this probably isn’t a very helpful thing to do. So, with the best of intentions, I have decided to review what happened in 2012 to see if I can learn from where I’ve been, in order to set some goals for 2013.

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Lessons Learned in November – On Shifting Priorities

Sometimes life has a habit of getting in its own way, you know the sort of thing that happens when you want to do something … really badly; you keep telling yourself that you want to do, really badly; in fact it would be great for your bank balance, figure, work, relationship if you did that thing … but for some reason it just doesn’t happen. You can’t make it past first base even.

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Lessons Learned In Autumn – You can take time off!

I didn’t write a ‘lesson’s learned’ post last month because I was away on holiday at the end of September and I came back to a mountain of catch-up work to do. My holiday was quite unique for me, it was the first time in 15 years that I have been on holiday and not kept in touch with my work by email. In recent years, this has meant I’ve taken my laptop with me; 15 years ago I was using internet cafe’s and hotel receptions to make sure I stayed on top of everything.

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Lessons Learned In August – on author interviews

It seems that every month there is a lesson to be learnt somewhere on the authors journey and August has been no exception. As regular visitors will know, every Thursday I hold the Thursday Throng, which is an author interview, with possibly a giveaway of a book or two and a review of the book the author in question has just finished writing or is trying to promote. This month I realised that there is a huge variability in the way in which authors use this opportunity and I wondered if I now need to pick my authors with more care.

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Lessons learned in July – on sharing

As every month does, July has provided me with some insights and understandings about ‘how things work’ when it comes to life, books and marketing in general. It started in a sombre mood for me when I was trying to come to terms with the negative reviews that my novel had received on Amazon. However, after posting my Lesson Learned In June – On Developing a Very Thick Skin blog I was overwhelmed by the response I received; not only as comments to the post but as messages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and by email. Almost every one of them was supportive of continuing with testing my inner storyteller and almost all told me, in no uncertain terms, to ‘get over it‘ and stop making such a fuss because not everyone is going to like your book – and that’s OK.

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Finding a shiny new pebble in the great ocean of life



nowhere islandLast weekend I was in Weymouth with friends for the beginning of the Olympics. Now, I don’t know about you but to be honest I’m not much of a ‘sports fan’, in fact I’ll go out of my way to avoid it if at all possible; but somehow even I have caught the Olympic fever which is sweeping Great Britain at the moment, at least I’ve caught enough of it not to get too bored when the swimming comes on television.

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