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The art of reinvention or how to start again

Today is the 11th March 2012, over the last (alomost) six years I have managed to write the sum total of 279 posts which is an average of 46 and half posts in each year. I also took a quick trip back to 6th July 2006 to find out exactly what I was planning with this blog when I started.

The first post was called What is Reality? And yes, it was the reason for the title of the blog being Woman on the Edge of Reality and yes, it did reflect where I was at the time. But … and it’s a big but … there was no real focus to what I was doing and you can see the result of not planning. Here is a great piece of evidence of that truism “He who fails to plan, plans to fail” – except in this case he is a she! The question then is what to do now.

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Are you a woman on the edge of reality?

I love reading, I guess it’s one of the things that makes me want to write.  I love to read anything from non-fiction books that teach me something I need to know or challenge my assumptions about this thing we call life to fiction works of many authors from Jostein Gaarder and his philosophical conundrums and questions, through various characters of the unique Alexander McCall Smith books and right up to the works of authors such as Joanna Trollope, Erica James, Rebecca Shaw and Judy Astley.  

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Focus, that’s what needed to make an impact!

People arriving at my little bit of the blogosphere could be forgiven for being completely confused about what it is I’m doing when I’m writing here.  I flit about from subject to subject, sometimes I’m thinking business, sometimes I’m thinking LinkedIn and networking and sometimes I’m just plain ‘Linda’, thinking almost and sharing a few of the oddities that sometimes strike me when I’m doing nothing in particular.

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What to do when you have too much to do!

It’s a common problem and one that will only get worse as our lives get even busier than they are already.  Sometimes I wonder if life was really as hard as it was portrayed back in day when people lived on the land and worked to grow their own.  I suspect that in fact it was probably easier even if it was physically more difficult. 

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How networking changed my life AND my business

About four years ago I decided that I would re-join the ranks of the self-employed and set up a consultancy business that was focused on giving other companies the knowledge and skills to use the Internet and the web more effectively to grow a business.  I called it Grow a Better Business which now, four years later it has merged into another called Internet Mentor.  However, the important thing about this was not the fact that I started this business, it was that I happened to live in Dorset which is one of the few counties where the Business Link service (soon to be defunct) provided real and tangible value to local business people.  That value could be summed up in just two phrases ‘BusinessXchange‘ and ‘Rural Clubs‘. These were two networking groups (one breakfast and one supper) where you could go to meet others just like you.

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For Alex Almost twelve months ago my cousin Alex died and the choir she belonged to sang this at her funeral. I wrote about Alex many moons ago in Life, Death and Becoming a Writer and here Diamonds in the Desert of…

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The achievements that matter in life

When you are paid a compliment, no matter what it is or from whom you receive it, it makes you feel great.  You get a lovely warm glow inside that makes you go ‘ahhhhhhh’.  Even if you are one of those who find it difficult to accept, you still feel a million dollars and as if all the world is paying attention to just you.  Well I’ve been paid the most amazing compliment by a whole bunch of people who really matter to me.  The ladies of the Hysterectomy Association, who are the stalwarts of our forum and the Hysterectomy Association Facebook page have said publicly that they like me and it not only gives me that glow, it also makes me cry – quite a lot actually! In fact I haven’t stopped crying off and on since I first heard.

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A little self discipline never did anyone any harm

Mmmm, now that’s a challenging title even for me but it comes on the back of several interesting conversations I’ve had with various people over the last days and it helped me to understand a little more about myself too.  What I understood was that to be able to move on in life, you have to apply a little self discipline and yet that’s one of the hardest things to do – there is always so much to overcome in the process, procrastination initially and then inertia as well.

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