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Thursday Throng Author Interview Guidelines

The Thursday Throng Author Interview, is a weekly event that showcases indie and small publishing house authors. The purpose of the interview is to introduce the author to a new audience rather than a book promotion per se. This set of guidelines is designed to help us both get it right with the minimum of effort. I’ve broken it down as far as I can and included the interviews that are coming up in the future. You can find past author interviews by clicking here.

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Win a Copy of Love Comes Later AND a Kindle Fire in The Thursday Throng Author Interview with Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar

This weeks Thursday Throng interview is a real corker with a free copy of the book in either pdf or .Mobi (suitable for the Kindle) format for one lucky commenter AND  a Kindle Fire up for grabs on Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar’s blog. She is a South Asian American who has lived in Qatar since 2005.

Moving to the Arabian Desert was good in many ways, since that is where she met her husband, had a baby, and made the transition from writing as a hobby to making it her full-time gig. She has published three e-books this year: Mommy but Still Me, So You Want to Sell a Million Copies, and Coloured and Other Stories. Since she joined the e-book revolution, she has dreamed in plotlines.

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Win a Signed Copy of More Ketchup than Salsa in The Thursday Throng Author Interview with Joe Cawley

It’s Thursday, it’s nine o’clock and I’d like to welcome Joe Cawley author of More Ketchup than Salsa: Confessions of a Tenerife Barman into the studio today as my guest on the Thursday Throng author interview slot. Joe hails from the UK but now lives in Tenerife and is an award-winning travel writer whose work is published in The Sunday Times, the Times and Conde Nast Travel.

As well as doing this interview, Joe is also giving one lucky commenter a signed, paperback copy of More Ketchup than Salsa, and I know whoever get’s it is going to laugh as much as I did when I read it.

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The Thursday Throng Author Interview with Wendy Knee, author of Never Die Wondering

This weeks guest on the Thursday Throng is Wendy Knee, the author of two books, Never Die Wondering and Get Cracking.  She is working on a third, a travelogue and memoir called Travels with Granny and is due to finish her fourth very soon. She is also a co-founder of the Charmouth Literary Festival, which will be taking place on 8th September at Charmouth in Dorset.

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The Thursday Throng Author Interview and GIVEAWAY with TD McKinnon, Author of Terra Nullius

Today, I’d like to welcome TD McKinnon to the hot seat as my guest on the Thursday Throng. TD is a Scot now living in Tasmania and is the author of Terra Nullius; he has kindly offered a copy of the eBook version of Terra Nullius to one lucky commenter – all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is leave a comment at the end of this post.

When TD first got in touch he told me a little about the history of Terra Nullius and it had me hooked even before I’d read the book; this is what he said:

Terra Nullius is a historical fiction about a period in history that has been quite deliberately covered up.  When I first moved to Tasmania I began to hear fragments of stories relating to the 19th century settlement of the island; stories hinting at the reasons why you don’t see any black faces, anywhere, in a land that was inhabited for forty or perhaps even fifty thousand years prior to the Colonials.  Here was a story crying out to be told.”

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The Thursday Throng Author Interview with Wafa Tarnowska, Award Winning author of Arabian Nights

This weeks guest on the Thursday Throng is an author who is a Smithsonian Notable Books for Children Award winner from 2010. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you all to Wafa Tarnowska whose beautifully illustrated book, Arabian Nights, I was privileged to be given a signed copy of – thank you Wafa.

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The Thursday Throng Author Interview with Julie Rainy, author of Lost Princess, The Journey Home

Over the last few months I’ve ‘met’ some wonderful people with my Thursday Throng interviews and Julie Rainy, today’s guest is no exception. She was wonderfully effervescent when I did an interview with Michael Cargill a few weeks ago as it seems they have become great friends and she teases him mercilessly (sorry Michael, I had to get that one in). She is in the middle of writing a trilogy called The Lost Princess and this interview introduces the first of the three books, Lost Princess, The Journey Home. They are a blend of sci-fi and fantasy and the all important main character is a  strong female lead who goes by the name of Isabella.

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The Thursday Throng Author Interview and BOOK GIVEAWAY with Mike Meyer, author of Covert Dreams

I must admit that it can seem that I favour women authors in my Thursday Throng interviews as to date I’ve only interviewed one other man, the very lovely Michael Cargill; but it’s not strictly true, it’s just that few men seem to want to take part. Anyway, I have a real treat for my male readers as this week I’m hosting Mike Meyer, the author of Covert Dreams and I know that his book is doing pretty well on Amazon at the moment, so one lucky commenter is going to be in for a real treat when their free copy lands in their hands.

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The Thursday Throng Author Interview with Sue Brayne, author of Sex, Meaning and the Menopause

Well, it’s that time of the week again when I welcome another author to join me for the Thursday Throng and this week we have the pleasure of hosting an author of a book on a subject that is very close to my heart, the  menopause. You may or may not know but I run an organisation called The Hysterectomy Association and so the menopause features heavily in discussions among our members on regular basis, the subject of sex probably runs a very close second. The book is Sex, Meaning and the Menopause and it is by Sue Brayne.

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The Thursday Throng author interview with Annie McDowall, award winning author of Charity Begins With Murder

‘Throng’ is n. – A multitude of persons or of living beings pressing or pressed into a close body or assemblage; a crowd.

Welcome to this weeks Thursday Throng author interview with lovely Annie McDowell, in fact it was Anne that (although she doesn’t realise this) spurred me into finally getting cracking on my blog whilst enjoying a wonderful lunch with her and the amazing Tamara Essex discussing all things book and social media. After I’d read her book ‘Charity Begins with Murder’ it got me thinking that perhaps there was something I could do to help other authors along too and so … the idea of the ‘Thursday Throng’ was born.

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