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Writer in Residence 2017, Alex Reece Abbott

Greetings! I’m Alex Reece Abbott and I’m delighted to join the Hysterectomy Association as the third Writer in Residence. And we’re counting down to the Sixth International Hysteria Writing Competition for women writers.

  • Don’t forget, Hysteria opens on 01 April 2017 with a deadline of 31 August 2017 GMT
  • No theme, beyond simply “things of interest to women”
  • No limits on your number of entries
  • And yes, you can enter all three categories
    • Flash – 250 words
    • Short Story – 2,000 words
    • Poetry – 20 lines
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Meet our Writer in Residence 2016, Sophie Duffy

Here at the Hysteria Writing Competition we like to try and promote all the lovely ladies who help us out. One of the ways we do this is with a special interview. In previous years, the interview questions we used focused more on writing, however this year I realised that really, they needed to have as much a focus on reading. First up, for our interviews is this year’s Writer in Residence, Sophie Duffy.

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The Countdown Clock is Ticking for Hysteria 2014

The clock’s ticking away and the August 31st writing competition deadline for Hysteria 2014 is approaching fast. If you’ve already got something down on paper now is the time to start editing. Hemingway said write drunk and edit sober. In other words, after the passion and fire that comes with creativity you have to look at your work with a cool, dispassionate eyes – almost as if someone else had written it.

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