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Prolapse, fibroids, anaemia and ovarian cysts – Anne’s Hysterectomy Story

I had my two children, both boys, at aged 38 and 40, suffering a cervical prolapse temporarily after each.  After a few months with plenty of pelvic floor exercises, the symptoms went away,  until a relapse a some years later due to stress, I think.  Again, a period of exercising did the trick and I was prolapse-free for another few years.  Then the prolapse returned.  Now aged 52 nothing was going to make it go away this time.

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I’ve got my life back! Lita’s Story

I had my daughter by C-section in Jan 2000 and I never recovered my energy levels. It got so bad that I went to the doctor in summer 2001 and had a range of blood tests, none of which were out of the normal ranges. However I just got more and more tired and then in 2004, when I was swimming, I started getting cramping pains in my chest that lasted 24 hours.

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