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Practical preparation for your hysterectomy – Irmagean’s story

Irmagean shares some practical preparation and knowledge of her hysterectomy earlier this year. In 2011 I was referred to an OB to discuss my heavy periods as a result of fibroids, at that time she suggested an IUD. While it was good having no periods with the IUD, I was having a period every day with light bleeding which required a light panty liner. I removed the IUD after a few months.

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Rather sizeable fibroid and my recovery – Anne-Marie’s story

I underwent an abdominal hysterectomy on 14th June this year having had problems for the last two years due to a rather sizeable fibroid – everything was taken out with the exception of my ovaries. There seems to be very little information available generally with the exception of what is provided through the Hysterectomy Association and the forums and information they provide which have proven invaluable and very reassuring.

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Rectocele prolapse after overdoing it post hysterectomy – Vivian’s story

My story is this which I hope will help others, as I feel I could and should have been given more information regarding exercises for pelvic floor muscles. I have since suffered another prolapse after my hysterectomy, this time a rectocele prolapse at the beginning of April 2017, I suppose because I have overdone things, but had I been given more information, perhaps this could have been prevented.

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Freedom at last – Lisa’s story

I was 12 when the pains first started. Excruciating pains such that I would count the hours between pain killers and hide at the back of the class trying not to cry. I watched my mother go through the same thing so I figured it was normal. Periods were to be feared each and every month. They were never on time, never when I expected them and always left me tired. But I carried on.

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Angry so many questions, am I being punished? – Helen’s story

Hi. OK here it goes. Linda helped by taking time to send me a book, writing back emails etc. So I guess we need each other all of us. From a very early age I started my periods at 11 on my eve of 12th birthday. I was never told what it was, despite having 2 sisters and 3 brothers. I was the youngest coming from a Irish catholic background. My dad was strictest with me.

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Hysterectomy and cancer – Judith’s story

My story starts in the middle of 2010 when I started having increased frequency in my periods and by November 2010 they had become unbearable with flooding, which was getting to the point of interrupting with my home and work life. My colleagues at work kept losing me and I had to carry a change of clothes with me wherever I went. At this point I went to the GP and asked for a gynaecologist referral, which thankfully because of having a good Dr she agreed to refer me.

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My hysterectomy experience – Jean’s story

Hi this is my experience of having a full hysterectomy, I had suffered many years with heavy periods and anaemia. From pills and more pills, to ablation nothing worked. I have completed my family and at 47 I wanted to get my life back as I felt as though my life was worked around my period. Holidays, days out, shopping and the relationship with my husband.

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Laparoscopic modified radical hysterectomy for cystadenoma – Clare’s story

I was referred to a gynaecologist for post menopausal bleeding 3 months ago. He did a vaginal ultrasound and saw a cyst. Removal of the ovary was mentioned as a possibility because of my age (55) but he first ordered a MRI for further information because of the bleeding. This showed a solid area in the cyst which I was told could mean borderline or early ovarian cancer so the decision was taken to do a BSO and hysterectomy within 30 days with the possibility of further surgery to the lymph nodes and omentum if the histology was unfavourable.

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