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Better late than never as they say! – Karron’s story

I write this story some 6 months after my hysterectomy, I was one of those people that used to pop in and read all the stories, which I must confess really helped me, especially the hints and the special things that would help. So here is my story. Sorry it is late.

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Total abdominal hysterectomy – Amanda’s story

Hello, at the age of 42 I had a TAH (keeping my ovaries) in December 2015. My problems started a year before that when I came off the mini pill in December 2014 because I was starting to bleed a little while taking it. By February 2016, I was bleeding so heavily and randomly that I became anaemic and was booked in for a scan.

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Learning to deal with it – Carol’s story

I have known about and with the doctors advice having a yearly check on a cyst on my ovary, each year it gets a little bigger but no concern still …… Then in July 2016 I was called into hospital within a week to be told that the cyst is believed to have turned ‘bad’ and would need surgery to have it removed straight away along with a full hysterectomy and then introduced to a Macmillan Nurse ….. To say I was scared would be wrong, I was numb and looking back now I believed I was in complete denial of what was happening.

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My giant ovarian cyst the size of a watermelon – Laura’s story

The day I was told that I had a giant ovarian cyst I turned immediately to the internet for answers to the questions whizzing around my brain, but I quickly discovered that every story is a little bit different and finding answers quite difficult. Early on I decided to keep a diary of my journey, in the hope that it may help someone facing something similar. My way of coping with how anxious I felt was to approach it all like a work project (lots of research, preparation and organizing).

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Hysterectomy – Its been hard to recover – Suzanne’s story

I was diagnosed with a large fibroid which was described as Galia melon sized in December 2015. I had been having problems with excessive bleeding and incontinence and was experiencing pain during intercourse. Several months and several appointments, blood tests, scans etc. later I was advised to have a full hysterectomy. My consultant explained that one ovary would be left to prevent early onset of menopause and I was offered a surgery date for the 11 August 2016.

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My journey to full recovery – Adriane’s story

I am 48 years old and in January 2016 I had a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy for multiple large fibroids. I have suffered for years with very heavy and painful periods, which became steadily worst over time. I tried hormonal management together with pain medication and whilst it did help a bit, the problem was still there.

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