Are you a Fidget? This is the Weekly Word

Fidget is a lovely word – it sounds all sort of bitty and chirpy which is what I associate with fidget’s – they can’t keep still and are forever on the move. I probably like it because it reflects some of my essential nature as well – I find it hard to settle and stay on any one thing, and am forever getting up and adjusting this or moving that; I’m probably a nightmare to have in the office.

Anyway, enough about me; my alternative meaning for the word Fidget is ‘Someone that receives counterfeit videos and sells them on’.

What’s your alternative meaning?

The word Fidget is a verb ( a ‘doing’ word) and it’s pronounced ‘Fidj-it‘. It means to move about nervously or restlessly; to be restless.

Examples of the word Fidget

  • She was the worst fidget, forever moving things until they were placed just so
  • When he worried he tended to fidget by playing with his wedding band or adjusting his tie pin
  • Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when the fidget left the room, they could finally relax and meditate.

Origins of the Word Fidget

It is thought that fidget might have been an old norse word fidge, which means to desire eagerly. It was first used in the 17th C.

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