Well what a 30 days it’s been.  To say that I have been seriously challenged myself would be an understatement and I have learnt an amazing amount about a great many different things, some of them are personal and some of them are business and marketing focused.  I have however, not managed to reach my target of £400,000 in 30 days, in fact I’m just a shade short of it …. by just about £399,660 🙂

The final figures on Day 30 of the challenge are:

  • Number of books sold – 187 (just under 6 books per day)
  • Money Raised for charity – £374
  • Amount paid to affiliates – £83
  • Costs of processing the sales – £99.36
  • Total amount to go to The Hysterectomy Association – £459.77

These bald figures though, don’t reflect the other ‘successes’ that the challenge has had which include meeting my objective of ‘proving’ that social networking works for all businesses regardless of their starting point.  The social networks proved to be the greatest source of activity on the website and consequently sales and it would be fair to say that almost everyone that actually visited the LinkedIn Made Easy sales page on this site bought the book – according to Google Analytics there were 94 unique visitors to the page and 82 books were sold through it – this is an amazing return on investment.

I also have so many people to thank and will do so over the course of the next few weeks by writing about them on the blog.  Once again, it was links from the social networks, blog posts and twitter that were responsible for most of the visits to that book page.

As a result I’m going to keep the challenge going – I want to raise £400,000 for charity but now I’m not putting a time limit on it.  I will continue to write on this blog, I’ll continue to keep people posted and I will continue to donate £2 from every book sold to either Kiva or the BCCT.  In the coming weeks I’ll be reporting on where the money has gone to and how it is going to be used as well.  The reason I’m focusing on these two charities is because the other two that I would have liked to support didn’t bother to come back to me at all.


  1. Thanks Tamara, I’m really looking forward to taking this forward over the coming months and I now have a real base to move forward from. You are quite right, I may not have met the financial target, but I certainly met the ‘proving social networking works’ target. I will however, get to the financial one too – just in a slightly longer time frame that’s all.


  2. Well Linda it’s clear that social networking DOES work, as for most authors an achievement of 187 sales in just under a month would be considered an enormous success. My final two friends should be purchasing this evening – sorry they are too late to count in the official challenge!

    I chose not to act as an affiliate as I was interested simply in taking part in the promotional activity, and to be part of learning from the experiment. Plus I genuinely believe in the book, so promoting it was not altruistic. I would hope that some of the affiliates agree not to take their fees but to add them to the amount that goes to your charities.

    The target was ambitious – the achievement fell short only against that target. It remains a good achievement in all other ways, and the book will continue to be of real help to LinkedIn users worldwide. Your success as an author and as a LinkedIn expert cannot be counted against short-term sales figures – very well done.


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