Charmouth Literary Festival and International Literacy Day

The 8th September is a very special day indeed, not only is it International Literacy Day, but it is also the day of the 3rd Charmouth Literary Festival. The festival is specially designed for writers rather than readers, although readers are more than welcome if they would like to come along. It is free event taking place in the Village Hall at Charmouth in Dorset between 9.30 and 4.30 on Saturday 8th September. This is not a BIG event, it’s a small and cosy event where everyone can have an opportunity to chat to everyone else, share ideas and even come away with a prize in our flash fiction competition (£1 entry fee online/free to enter at the festival).

There is a packed agenda for the day and it even includes a couple of sessions being delivered by me (Linda PH) on Blogging for Authors and Flash Fiction. Other exciting events include the launch of a brand new book ‘Be An Author‘ by Anne Orchard who will be talking about the book and sharing insights into what it’s like to be an author. We’ve also got a session on writing Memoirs by Wendy Knee who will be talking about the book she is currently working on, Travels With Granny.

The theme of International Literacy Day this year is Literacy and Peace. The theme was adopted by the United Nations Literacy Decade (UNLD) to demonstrate the multiple uses and value that literacy brings to people as it brings people closer to attaining individual freedoms and a better understanding of the world. Where the population is literate there is a greater chance of resolving conflict and creating a more effective democracy, of course removing the ability to be literate means that dictatorships thrive and grow.

International Literacy Day has been celebrated by the United Nations for over 40 years and they suggest that if you want to get involved you can do so in one of four ways:

  • Donate books and reading materials to your local school or community centre
  • Starting a Reading Club
  • Volunteer to teach literacy classes in your community
  • Become a mentor to someone who is not literate
  • Send your literacy stories to joinliteracy(at)

If you’d like to understand just how powerful a force literacy can be in the world watch the following video.

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