“Epicurean” is The Weekly Word – how would you use this word?

This week the Weekly Word is Epicurean, I picked it because I was reminded of it when picking out relishes and pickles in the supermarket yesterday and yet it’s a word we rarely see. As usual, I’d like to challenge readers to find an unusual, imaginative or correct usage of the word EPICUREAN in a single sentence or a paragraph, but first a little more about what it means and how it is used in language. If you would like to see earlier Weekly Word’s you can find them all listed here: the-weekly-word

This weeks word is EPICUREAN, it is an adjective and is pronounced ‘ep-i-kyor-re-han’

It means a person who is fond of or adapted to luxury or indulgence in sensual pleasures; having luxurious tastes or habits, especially in eating and drinking.

Examples of the word EPICUREAN

  1. Our chefs prepare a range of delicious epicurean delights for the patrons who partake of our menu
  2. He indulged himself fully in the epicurean lifestyle to which he had become accustomed over the years.
  3. Our European neighbours consider themselves to be the height of epicurean gastronomy

Origins of the word Epicurean

It’s first known use was between 1350–1400; and it is from the Middle English Epicurien  < Latin Epicūrē ( us ) of Epicurus (< Greek Epikoúreios ).

Synonyms and Antonyms of the word Epicurean

  • Gourmet, luxury, lavish, deluxe, rich.
  • Austere, simple, plain, modest, frugal.

Why the Weekly Word?

The idea of the Weekly Word comes from Toastmasters International which is a speaking club I belong to. Each meeting we have a Grammarian Role and the purpose of the role is to try new words that stretch our vocabulary as well as to monitor and report back on people’s use of language. If you’d like to find out more about Toastmasters groups in your area then you can visit their website at: http://www.toastmasters.org/


  1. That’s the thing with words I think – we use them all the time without really thinking about them and what they mean. I really do love the sound of them though because sometimes they fit their sound and other times they don’t – if you know what I mean 🙂

  2. well, I’d never bothered to check on the actual meaning of the word. I’d assumed it meant something good and organic… and then they’ve got this place called the Epicurean Wax Centers. Makes more sense now 🙂

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