Google Adwords Techniques Uncovered

I have just finished reading the most amazing book on using Google Adwords to promote your business by a guy called Perry Marshall – you may have heard of him as he is considered by many to be the Google Adwords Guru.His book has knocked down many of my, previously held, assumptions about how Google works and I can honestly say it has had a profound effect on the way I use this tool to promote both The Hysterectomy Association and this website. I no longer feel as if I am dabbling – I feel I’m becoming a Grand-Master.If you are planning to use Google Adwords to promote your business then I don’t think you can go far wrong with Perry’s book and you can buy it now in both the US and the UK

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  1. Adwords is really good in driving traffic to your website. however, they are very strict right now and they would not easily approve websites that they thought have low quality content. ~-

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