Hosting a Facebook Q&A Discussion – Will it or won’t it work?

question imageThis is a very quick post today as I’m off to host a Facebook Q&A Discussion on the HysterectomyUK page any moment now and I thought I might invite you along if you think you might be interested. It’s going to be on the subject of Hormone Replacement Therapy and will be here from about 10.ooish this morning:

Update: 17:16pm – Wow, that was an epic I don’t think I’ve ever spent as much time on Facebook as I have today and especially not on a page. The Q&A itself had 76 comments and it was seen by 1.152 people. The update I’d added yesterday to let people know I was doing it had it’s own mini discussion going on with a further 34 comments and 945 people saw the post. Other updates were added to other discussions already going on as well and I was dealing with around 40 private messages that came in too. I think we might say that this could probably be called a ‘success’ πŸ™‚

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  1. Mmm, I just received a tweet saying very much the same thing Anne. And that’s the thing about social media marketing you have to be present, you have to be you and you have to make the time – or don’t start in the first place πŸ™‚

  2. Very interesting indeed, Linda. It all makes perfect sense, and congratulations. I can see the increasing engagement and know that it is one of the things that really matters in social media. You can’t fake it and it’s the one thing people want above all else in this arena.

  3. I’d say that the benefit has been two fold; our numbers on the page jumped sharply and the post ended up reaching over 1500 people – which is 200 more than we have ‘liking’ the page. It has also increased engagement significantly and I now know what the users of the page want. In terms of ‘learning’ I realised that I can take what I now know and apply it slightly differently; for instance I could do a similar activity but on a conference call with paid members, that could be videoed and posted up so that others see it and get the benefits and they well be tempted to join up as well. I could also continue to do these activities but because they are based on the written word and I have to be around to do them, then people have to wait for a response – therefore the immediacy of a weekly conference call could be a draw! I did dissapear during the middle of the session and I wasn’t online all day – just popping in and out regularly.

  4. It certainly looked like a lively discussion, Linda. I would like to ask how you would rank it for a return on your time. I am sure the ladies in the discussion benefitted greatly, but it took a lot of your time. So is there a payback for you or are you just giving here? Just interested πŸ™‚

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