Hysteria 2017 – shortlisted winners

I’m really pleased to announce the shortlisted winners of the Hysteria Writing Competition, flash fiction, short story and poetry categories 2017. Each of these fantastic entries will be published in Hysteria 6, the anthology of this year’s competition due out at the end of November.

The overall category winners will be announced at the end of November, alongside the launch of this year’s anthology.

Our judges had a hard time picking out the best of the best in their category, but eventually they got there; and listed in alphabetical order are:

Flash fiction top 10 shortlisted winners:-

  • Kay Rae Chomic with Train ride
  • Frances Gapper with Survival tactics
  • Rachel Hughes with 4lbs 11oz
  • Stephanie Hutton with You don’t have to talk about your daddy in counselling if you don’t want to
  • Gaynor Jones with The truth behind the labels
  • Fiona J Mackintosh with A still, small point of reference
  • Louise Mangos with Matchmaker
  • Jayne Martin with 4Ever
  • Sal Page with Heads off
  • Amanda Speed with The beach

Short story top 10 shortlisted winners:-

  • Susmita Bhattacharya with The right thing to do
  • Lindsay Bamfield with Still life
  • Lucy Corkhill with Predator
  • Maggie Davies with Twenty six little bones
  • Jenny Gaitskell with X on a corner square
  • Mandy Huggins with The Rychenkov ruby
  • Sherry Morris with Perfectly prime
  • Helen de Burca with Silken threads
  • Olivia Tuck with He gave me the milky way (deep fried)
  • Marcia Woolf with The jar of ideas

Poetry category top shortlisted winners 10:-

  • Nadia Arbach with My Mother’s spoon
  • Zara Bosman with The two Frida’s
  • Marie Chambers with True story
  • Robyn Curtis with A Woman of the road
  • Moira Garland with Son
  • Victoria Richards with Caught
  • Christine Griffin with Tape measure
  • Laura Potts with Jane Doe #503
  • Gwen Sayers with Fruit salad
  • Marie Dolores with While I sleep

(Image courtesy: CRKMaga @ Pixabay)


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