Introducing our Hysteria 2012 Judges – Jennie Bennett

I’m slowly introducing you all to our panel of Hysteria 2012 Short Story and Poetry Competition Judges. I’ve asked them all the same six questions and there are some surprising answers. Our second judge is …  Jennie Bennett and here she tells you a little more about herself.Tell me one thing no-one knows about you.

I am a really frustrated rock star!  Given the confidence I would have loved more than anything to be the greatest female rock star in history!  But in the real world I am a modest medical secretary!

What do you enjoy reading the most and why?

At the moment I am reading the Fifty Shades of Grey series; not my usual read but I cant seem to put these books down!  There has been a lot of hype about them in the media and I thought I would give them a try; they have been a bit of an eye opener!  Following my hysterectomy in August 2010 my concentration levels had been really poor and I hadn’t been able to read much but slowly that is getting better.  I quite like Maureen Lee, Lynn Andrews and Jodi Picoult books but I am also becoming a fan of Dean koonz.  I try to read to switch off from every day life and have found that I am finally able to do that now.

If there was one book or piece of writing you wish you had written what would it be?

This doesnt fall into a book or piece of writing category as such, but the lyrics to the song The Scientist by Coldplay really strike a chord with me and in a way I wish I had written them.

What prompted you to volunteer to be a judge in Hysteria 2012?

I love reading and wished I had of had the time to have written something myself for the competition.  Hysterectomy is something pretty close to my heart having had to make the decision to have this operation at the age of 33 and not having a family of my own.  I want to be able to give something back, even if it is as simple as being a judge.  This operation changed my life in many ways both emotionally and physically and I can relate to the struggles women have when making such a huge decision.

Have you written a book or a poem? If so what is the title and where can we find it (if it’s available to buy)?

I have often joked with my friends that I should write an autobiography about the scrapes and tales of my life (there have been some very funny, scary and heart breaking moments!); my best friend kindly told me it would be a best seller!  It may be something I would think about doing one day.

If there was a film of your life who would play you and why?

What better woman to play me that Dawn French!  She is stunning, funny and a brilliant role model; it would be an honour to have her play me!

If you’d like to get in touch with Jennie, you can do so through her Facebook page at:

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