It’s the Agatha Christie Festival – perfect for all those murder mystery fans and authors

Last year I was fortunate enough to have lunch at the wonderful Burgh Island which Agatha Christie Fans will know as the place she wrote both “Evil Under the Sun” and “And Then There Were None”. It really is wonderfully atmospheric and my friend Mary and I had pretty much the entire place to ourselves for the day. The reason for sharing this though is that this is the week of the Agatha Christie Festival with takes place in and around Torquay in Devon.If you are in the UK and local to the area, and are interested in writing murder mysteries then it could be the perfect opportunity to take some time to do a little vintage research. There are loads of events taking place including trips to Greenway Agatha’s old home (now owned by the National Trust and having the most wonderful food), lunch at Burgh Island, competition, book launches, giveaways, panel events, readings and even a play – this particular one will be Murder on the Nile.

You can find out more on the website at: agatha-christie-festival and if you would like a copy of the programme then look no further, you can find it here:


  1. I must admit it was quite an experience and we did almost have it entirely to ourselves – being the only ones in the fabulous dining room was an experience in itself but it did make you very self concious. I loved it and would love to stay there next.

  2. I’d love to have gone over to the Island on the Contraption but sadly they only use it when the tide is in and we had to make do with ultra exclusive Range Rovers with blacked out windows collecting us from the car park. What they thought of my old banger I’ll never know 🙂

  3. This is in my local area, and although I’m not likely to visit the festival at any time, I *have* been to Greenway, and loved the gardens. I’m glad you had a fab time at Burgh Island last year. I’ve been bodyboarding down there but with the strange tides it was a bit scary at times!!

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