Jaundice is the Weekly Word; what’s your alternative meaning?

Typically, the word Jaundice is associated with illness and it sounds as it is pus filled and angry. My alternative meaning for it is ‘a way of opening the mouth wide and leaning the head back to indicate to other poker players that you would like to end the game without throwing your hand in‘.  What’s your alternative meaning?

Jaundice as a word really does mean how it sounds though; it is a yellow discolouration of the skin and the eyes which indicates an illness that involves the liver; it also means (probably because of the colour yellow) prejudiced views that have been distorted in some way by bitterness, jealousy, envy or resentment.

Examples of the Word Jaundice

  • Her social status was important to her and when she lost it, her view of others became jaundiced
  • The jaundice was evidence of the poison that was infecting her liver
  • Be not bitter, lest it jaundice thy thoughts forever

Origins of the Word Jaundice

The word originates in the Middle English and Old French words Jaundis and Jaunisse meaning ‘yellow’ and was first known in the 13/14th C

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