Jonathan Jay Marketing Seminar

I’m right in the middle of a Jonathan Jay marketing seminar.  It’s late – I’m going to bed shortly but I really felt an urge to talk about some of what I’ve been experiencing thus far.

It’s taking place at Latimer Place in the Chilterns, an amazing venue for this sort of activity and one that I’d highly recommend to anyone thinking about doing something similar.  But enough of the hotel, what about the event itself?

Well here I am, someone that works in Internet Marketing, at a marketing seminar and people keep asking me WHY?  Well the reason has to be that I don’t ever assume I know it all.  There is always a different perspective or something new to learn and I’d be a fool if I thought I was the only one to have all the answers.

BUT, and it’s a big but …. I’ve been having such fun talking to all sorts of people and I have to say I’m still amazed at how often people are ‘sold’ a turkey when it comes to using the Internet in business.  It’s almost as if it is expected to miraculously deliver the finished article (that is a paying customer) immediatly itself, without any intervention or engagement on the part of the business.

I get so frustrated with web design companies that seem to foster this belief too.  At the end of the day, the only thing the Internet (and internet marketing) is ever going to do, is attract the attention of an audience.  But the reality is that it is what you do with that attention that will determine whether it is a successful activity for you and your business. And that dear reader is what customer service and delivery is all about.

So, let me challenge you and ask you to determine what ONE thing would you like to achieve in your business in the next month and then what ONE thing you think you could do online to help you get there?  If you take the questions seriously then you could be amazed at the answers you get.

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