This particular update has been several months coming and I’ve gathered all sorts of news from my Thursday Throng authors along the way. Before we get on to that though, I wanted to let you know that in future I’m going to be doing things slightly differently. Every time I publish a blog post in future it will be sent out as an email to you as well.

At the moment I’m sharing a Thursday Throng author interview once a week with the other occasional one dropped in for good measure, so you won’t be bombarded. As usual the content will be around marketing for authors, but you may see the odd piece of fiction or thought for the day sometimes. Hopefully, whatever I add will make you smile, cause you to think or even introduce you to another great writer.

Latest Updates

Hysteria Writing CompetitionThe Hysteria Writing Competition, the one I run each year for The Hysterectomy Association is in full swing. This year we have categories for Flash Fiction (250 words), Poetry (20 lines) and Short Stories (2,000 words). It closes on 31st August and winners get £150, £75, £75 respectively. The Hysteria 3 Anthology will contain stories, poetry and flash fiction from the top 10 in each category. Find out more about how to enter here:

Thursday Throng Author Updates

Writer Tracy Fells was shorted listed for the Commonwealth Writer Short Story Prize earlier this year. Congratulations Tracy.

Laurie Boris has a new novella out called The Picture of Cool. It’s about an NY television producer who might have just met the man of his dreams.

Agostino Scafidi has a new collection of short stories available to read called Dreams, Fiction and Me. You can get a copy of it directly from his own website here:

Charles Frankhauser has created a screenplay and is inviting people to read it. Atlantic City Nazi is a thriller set prior to WWII and tells the story of a showgirl called Ruby and her involvement with the Hindenburg airship. You can read it here:

Finally, but by no means least, Charlotte Howard has a sequel to Seven Dirty Words out. It’s called Four Letter Words. She also has a new contemporary romance novel called The Black Door, published by Tirgearr Publishing.


  1. Hi Linda, I feel like a celebrity after being listed No. 4 of 5 Most Active Commenters–Thanks and congratulations on the impressive readership statistics. My goals have shifted to providing reading entertainment at zero cost or as low as possible given promotion being used for screenplay and novels. I just uploaded (Free read) my novella, Last Pirate at Fort Mantanzas, to WattPadd site (humorous G-rated historical fiction)–possibly the only work in that genre? And on the Amazon Studios site, I hope readers click the small “PDF” box because the screenplay will open on their device from the cloud (FREE). For those that want to stage their own productions using hand-held cameras and neighbors as actors, I would recommend a Kindle or Amazon paperback script version of the screenplay (for actors to read dialogue and moderator to read scene descriptions) under the title RC and RUBY Screenplay. For nonfiction G-rate readers of memoir, may I recommend (title) Miss Williams; the title is in honor of the 5th Grade teacher that failed me and awakened the thought in my mind that the future was coming at me, like it or not. Happy New Year, Charles

  2. Hi Linda, Thank you for the post re free public read of screenplay adapted from Amazon novel, Atlantic City Nazi, on Amazon Studios site. BTW, my wife had a hysterectomy many years ago, it was a life-saver. Best regards, Charles

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