Learn how to self-publish your first book for fun or profit

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Perhaps you have written memoirs for future generations; crafted your first novel; have a passion for poetry, short stories or flash fiction; or want to share your specialist knowledge with a broader audience. This exciting new course will guide you through the practicalities and logistics of publishing your book. During the 8 week course you’ll learn how to publish your work in two different formats and develop useful skills that make your work stand out from the crowd.

Starts:  6.30 – 8.30pm for 8 weeks – next dates to be confirmed

Location: All sessions take place online via Microsoft Teams. You do not need a Teams account to participate

Cost: £145.00

Pre-requisites: a completed manuscript in Word format, reasonable computer skills, familiarity with the Internet, a PayPal account to receive royalties if you want to sell your book. There will be a small financial outlay to buy proof copies of your book and ISBN numbers if you want to use your own.

Course outline:

Week 1 – Practicalities. This session covers:

  • How your objective influences what you can and can’t do with your book.
  • Types of self-publishing
  • Self-publishing services and print on demand
  • The British Library and UK published books

Week 2 – Practicalities. This session covers

  • Creating your book information sheet
  • Using an ISBN number
  • Setting the publication date
  • Setting a price for your book
  • Comparing the cost of self-publishing
  • CIP Records and Nielsen Bookdata

Week 3 – Editing. This session covers:

  • The importance of editing your manuscript
  • Practical editing techniques
  • Improving your manuscript

Week 4 – Formatting for print. This session covers:

  • Laying out your book for print publishing

Week 5 – Cover design: This sessions covers:

  • What influences book cover design
  • Choosing imagery
  • Putting a front cover together
  • Creating the back blurb

Week 6 – Choosing and using a self-publishing service. This session covers:

  • Getting to know your chosen service
  • The production process – physical copy

Week 7 – Publishing the ebook version

  • Different types of ebook
  • Formatting your ebook

Week 8 – The finished product. This session covers

  • Reviewing the proof copies
  • Making changes and amendments
  • Completing the publishing process

Information about me: Linda is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and member of the Society of Authors. She has over 18 years’ experience of successfully self-publishing in variety of formats. Her current portfolio of 14 volumes includes fiction, non-fiction and anthologies.

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